We start with a conversation. Where do you want to go? What are the goals for your project, organization, or campaign? When do you want to be there? Together we will build a plan.

Below is more detail on some of specific areas of specialty for MGC. However, through her years of working in diverse campaigns and projects, Mimi has build a broad network of colleagues and partners. If she can’t help you with a project, she’ll work to connect you with someone who will.

strategic planning & facilitation

With a foundation in person-centered facilitation that honors the experiences and native knowledge of those in the room bring to the experience, we work together to get to the core of where you want to go and help you build a plan to reach that goal. We’ve all been there - facing an overwhelming, scary goal, not sure where to begin and doubtful it’s even possible. MGC can help you build a plan, breaking down the goals, the challenges, barriers, and harnessing resources make it possible.

Specific areas of expertise:

  • Strategic Planning

  • Project Management

  • Meeting facilitation for large and small groups

  • Meeting planning & Event planning

  • One-on-one coaching

public affairs & government relations

Over the last fifteen years Mimi Garcia worked with numerous elected officials, their staff, and state administrators to pass and implement public policy affecting communities across the state and country. MGC can help you map out your influential relationships, understand the power structures impacting your issue and build on the relationships that influence power and policy.

Specific areas of expertise:

  • Policy research, particularly in regard to human services and health care policy

  • Lobbying

  • Constituent based advocacy

  • Advocacy training

community engagement & communications

Building the base of support for your issues means understanding the ways your issue impacts others and building community, partnership, and coalition with others. MGC can help you work through building coalitions, engaging members of the community, and developing a plan for reaching the communities you want to reach. Supporting these campaigns with strategic communications and earned media broaden the impact of your message.

Specific areas of expertise:

  • Community events

  • Engaging diverse communities

  • Coalition building

  • Messaging

  • Media relations

  • Media spokesperson training and coaching