Mimi Garcia


Mimi Garcia is a fifteen year veteran organizer and campaign strategist focused in anti-poverty, social justice, and healthcare projects. She has a background in faith-based, labor, and broad-based institutional organizing with a healthy dose of strategic communications and use of media for influencing public opinion. Mimi has launched statewide organizations and incubated national initiatives, including the Get Covered Academy - the national training program for organizations engaged in health coverage enrollment.

She is a nationally recognized authority on healthcare policy and health insurance access. Mimi has been featured in national and regional publications such as the Huffington Post, New York Times, National Public Radio, Houston Chronicle, and the Dallas Morning News.

“I am passionate about helping others build their own skills, strategies, and power to impact change in their communities. Sometimes that can be as simple as working through a project plan, and other times it means a complete power mapping, building and executing a fundraising a strategy, and developing a long term campaign. I want to work with you to help you realize that vision.”